Shutterbug } Lina Hayes Photography


Born on the Northern Beaches and growing up in Sydney,
I spent most of my time exploring the beaches on the weekend
and visiting family in the rural country during the holidays.
In combination with traveling around Russia and various parts of Europe as a child,
I developed a unique sense and perspective of the world at an early age.


I picked up my first SLR camera for my 18th Birthday, and I haven’t been able to let go of it since!
With a love for exploring and sharing the world through my eyes,
I hope to remind others of how amazing our surroundings are if we take the time to appreciate them.


 As we welcome in the New Year that is 2013, it’s always wise
to take a look back and appreciate the moments that have already past,
so here are some of the highlights of 2012 that I’d love to share with you.
Hopefully these images are just a taste of more exciting things to come in 2013,
and I look forward to sharing my new experiences and discoveries with you here issue by issue!

Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_523  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_522 Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_521  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_520    Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_515  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_514  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_512  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_511  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_508  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_507  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_504  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_525 Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_503  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_502  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_501  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_519  Cohabitaire_LinaHayes_500


  • Baz Doyle

    All very good stuff. I really like your eye . Keep it up Cheers Baz…. ( BazFoto)