Light your Fire. Hear your Muse. Create.

By Theresa Rae Pauline


If you do not feel a passionate fire living within you, then you are missing out on your life’s full potential. Period. We were made to create, to love, and to have joy in what we do. Not to settle for the mundane but to create the extraordinary. This is humanity’s unreached potential. Don’t worry if you aren’t on fire, there is hope. Living the extraordinary life, means taking extraordinary measures. This means reaching out of your comfort zone to truly identify your “muse”, the creative and spiritual part of you that calls you to your highest purpose. The simple steps to achieving this are to first, experiment with your creative self, and to find what brings you joy.


My “muse” painting

Lets clarify for a moment, a muse is different to everybody, I believe it is the voice deep in our gut, that whispers, “paint, teach, take photos, draw, write, sail, cook, dance, act, share… share your creative heart, and share your self”.

The voice is our spirit and it beckons us
to be heard and to be acted upon.

Today my spirit feels more alive then ever, and I feel a fire lit beneath me, pushing me to simply be… me, and it feels good! The human spirit is a beautiful thing when applied optimistically. There are certain places in the world where the positive, lighthearted, joyful spirit is palatable and more then inspiring. Places where the muse is more easily accessible… Might I use Mexico as an example?

Since I was a little girl I have been blessed to have exceptional role models. I was born with out an instruction manual, as many of us are, and am positive I would have not made it save for the amazing people that I have followed down the path of happy destiny. There was a period of my life when I went “dark-side” … (doesn’t everybody?) and thanks to immense grace, I have been able to co-create a lush and vibrant life. Co-create? Yes. Myself and my “muse”.


The perspective one gets of humanity in the coastal town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is uplifting and inspiring in a world that from the outside, often seems doom and gloom. The element that inspires the soul here is the creative fire. Sail boats pass under a glowing sun, glittering mosaics line the walls and streets, children weave in and out of pedestrians selling hand made woven dolls, while mariachi musicians strum away amidst the crashing waves, and then there is the cuisine… peppers stuffed with pomegranate and fresh cheeses… incredible. Only the miracle of the divine human spirit could have taken the mundane aspects of life and bedazzled them into delicacies.


Here, in Puerto Vallarta, paradise and the muse collide, showing up in everything. Where does this “bedazzlement” come from? It lives in us all as a small spark along with the potential for great flames. The spark simply needs to be fanned and the fire will ignite itself. Sometimes it takes a little “dark-side” to put the fire under your a** in the first place, but not a necessity.


How do you find the fire? Or fan the flames? Each one of us has a different fire, path, calling, or desire. This is our dharma. How often so many of us ignore or simply don’t hear our true calling because we are caught up in the “rat race” or have simply been misdirected? When this happens we actively tune out our muse, totally avoiding our beautiful, intuitive, spiritual, instinctual driving desire to create.

Personally, I believe that the muse is our higher calling to become all that we are supposed to be.

How does one come to know their own dharma, or to hear their muse?

Ha-ha… wouldn’t we all like to know. There are infinite methods to discovery of this voice. It may start with yoga, mediation, prayer, writing, mantra chanting and of-course experimentation. Nothing will be more helpful in discovering what you are supposed to be doing then discovering what you should not be doing… failure is a wonderful help in leading you onto the right path.


Experimentation however, is a necessity. Unless you were born a child prodigy like Mozart and were actively living your dharma at age three… it takes some time. Be open to all possibilities, try many new and “risky”(for your ego) things that you would probably never have done with out the push, and keep your eye out for joy, an elusive feeling that is a key indicator that you are on the right path. This is where the extraordinary life taking extraordinary measures come into play…

If you don’t feel like you know your muse, or what your dharma is, if you aren’t living with a creative fire within you, then I am sorry to say, but you aren’t living up to your full potential. Many of us are “fine” exactly where we are at… but what a TRAGEDY! Doesn’t any one believe in magic anymore!


While in Puerto Vallarta I had the opportunity to attend art classes at a school called “Oops Perfect”. A small mom and pop art school run out of a private home in the gorgeous hills of Buenos Aires in Jalisco, Mexico. Classes are facilitated in silk painting, glass fusion, mosaic making, beading, and paper making. I had the time of my life working with the most beautiful and inspiring ladies… I discovered so much about my own muse! I never would have known how much I love cutting tile and laying them down had I not tried it. Honestly, who has any idea unless they try? At “Oops Perfect” all the funky supplies were provided along with an amazing atmosphere that fostered our creative energies. Mistakes were welcomed with a pleasant “Oops!… Perfect!” Having a supportive atmosphere to let your creative juices flow is important. I highly recommend making trial and error as easy and non-committal for your self as possible.


No need to rush out and buy tile cutters and cement unless you know this will work for you. Maybe you aren’t a mosaic maker, but a guitarist instead… you can always, borrow and rent materials in the interim. You have to start somewhere though… so be ready to take a plunge into the unknown.

The same principle applies to my experience with yoga.

I would never have become a yogi had I not endured the uncomfortable. I had the blessing of being introduced, being open, and willing to be a beginner and to absorb. With practice, I have found I get lost in these artistic emotional outlets (painting, writing, mosaic making, and yoga) and my soul creates amazing things! At least, it all feels good to me, and isn’t this really all that matters?


The great news is that every one can create amazing things… Anyone that experiments with his or her own creative soul will have the same experience. Maybe not the first time, or the second, but maybe the third or the fourth… you need to try and try again until you discover the JOY. What is it that brings you JOY? What thing do you do where the hours fly by and you sink into a creative wormhole? Whenever I apply myself, and channel my heart into a creative task…WHAMMO! I am lost to the world, because I have left it for something more.

Perhaps this is why Puerto Vallarta feels so magical, because such a large part of its population is living in this higher place with their muse. To finish, a really powerful discovery came to me while in Bali last year, “the only God you will find at the top of the mountain is God you bring there.” Meaning that the magic and the muse can exist ANYWHERE. Not only in spectacular ocean towns but in cities and suburbs the world over. Any place that has people, has the potential to be lit with creative fire. Experiment with your self and feel the joy of your muse. Coincidentally, I made a vision board last week and in the top left hand corner it says in big letters… Girl On Fire.

We are what we create.