Cohabitaire this May } Soul shine


We spend so much our time wrapped up in our heads that it’s easy to forget what’s happening with our hearts.
And when we’re disconnected from our hearts, how are we supposed to be connected to our souls?

We often find this connection when we’re immersed in doing something we love,
something that sets us free. We each have something like this, unique to each of us… you know that thing,
where your talents lie, that speaks to your soul and you feel like a curious kid…
it’s pure love and thoughts hardly come into it. It’s just you, at one with that thing you do.

But we get busy, we get caught up in the world and neglect to make space for things we love.
So there’s no better time than this month to step back and ask yourself – how can I make my soul shine?

More often than not you’ll find the answer by being still, completely and utterly present, right now
in this moment. And if you listen for long enough you might just begin to feel that old friend smiling at you…
your true self who knows exactly what that thing is that makes your soul sing.

That thing for me is swimming in the ocean, skiing down a mountain, taking photos, practicing yoga,
digging in my garden… nature is the perfect channel to tap into this presence.

For you it could be dancing, surfing, being with people you love, riding a horse, climbing a rock,
being creative… whatever it is, find time to make it happen this May.

We have plenty of soul inspiring stories coming to you this month on Cohabitaire,
I hope they urge you to get out of your seat and set your spirit free.. your soul will thank you for it.


Photography of Kelli Prieur by Ingrid Schroder