Naturopath. Herbalist. Homeopath. Organic Health. Food and Lifestyle Educator.

Naturopath. Herbalist. Homeopath.
Organic Health. Food & Lifestyle Educator.

Sydney // Australia

Anthia Koullouros has spent 20 years consulting as a Naturopath, but her roots in holistic health and herbal medicine extend much deeper. Intrigued by health and healing from the age of 12, inspired by a faded nutritional manual on her parent’s shelf, she embarked on a lifetime of research and learning.

In 1994, Anthia opened a clinic in Paddington called Out of the Earth Health & Beauty Clinic, named one of “Sydney’s best de-stress clinics” by The Sydney Morning Herald and began her Naturopathic career.

Combining Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition to provide clients with life- long tools for health, Anthia continues to champion food as the ultimate medicine. Simple, nourishing, traditional dietary foundations underscore her philosophy.

Come 2004, after a decade of helping people heal and bloom, it was time for Anthia’s practice itself to evolve. She found a quaint, historical Paddington corner terrace and opened OVViO: The Organic Lifestyle Store & Naturopathic Clinic. Paying homage to the 18th Century Apothecary, herbal remedies, antique china and rustic, organic offerings brought old- world charm to modern Naturopathy.

Anthia also recreated the allure and healing power of the teahouse, with her own range of OVViO Organic teas. Hand blended and developed with unique medicinal properties, these therapeutic, chemical-free herbal blends offer clients an alternative to heavily flavoured, processed and pesticide-laden commercial teas.

Comprised solely of organic herbs and spices sourced sustainably from around the world, OVViO teas offer fusions of buds, seeds, leaves, flowers, fruits, pods, bark and twigs. Tea aficionados and herbals newcomers alike can delight in a whole, unprocessed, aromatic and gustatory sipping experience.

In 2011, OVViO’s continuing evolution saw the store relocate to its current home in Five Ways, Paddington. A fresh, timeless façade and charming location inspires every customer to cherish the beauty of health over a warm, nurturing cup of tea.

Anthia’s naturopathic consults offer a no-nonsense, fad-free, honest and informative approach to achieving
health and happiness. As an extension of her love of education, Anthia has collaborated with Chris L. Jones to release the I Am Food Guidebook and companion recipe book. With tantalising photography and incredible, accessible recipes, the eBooks (soon to be transformed into hard cover) aim to demystify nutrition and serve as a practical guide for everyone.


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