Lauren Berkowitz, installation artist

Sustenance Lauren Berkowitz, art, sydney, melbourne, installment, nature

'Sustenance' Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2010. Photo: Ian Hobbs

Some of you might recognise Lauren Berkowitz‘s work from her contribution to last year’s exhibition In The Balance: Art For A Changing World at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, an exhibition that explored the ways in which contemporary artists deal with environmental and ecological concerns in their work — particularly the issues of sustainability and recycling.

The Melbourne based installation artist created [rss-cut]this live still life called ‘Sustenance’ consisting of 600 variations of medicinal and edible food plants at a scale of 70 x 460cm, representing plants existent in pre- and post colonised Australia.

Sustenance Lauren Berkowitz, art, sydney, melbourne, installment, nature

'Karakarook’s Garden', indigenous plants and dromana topping, at the Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne. Photo: John Gollings

On her website, Lauren is described as “often inspired by the landscape but troubled by its degradation, she recycles materials and themes into environmental narratives as an act of regeneration.” Her ‘Bags’ installation (also seen at the above exhibition) is an appropriate representation of this statement, made of some 3,500 plastic bag, highlighting the consumerist waste in our day to day lives.

I saw a segment about Lauren on the ABC’s Art Nation program a few months ago, it’s an intriguing piece that explains her work much better than I could here! Take a look….