Growing Into Green

By Pete Hodgkinson & Kellie Miles.


Some years ago, standing on a cliff edge and looking out into what seemed an endless sea of trees and greenery, I just didn’t get what all the fuss was about. The media was becoming full of environmental issues, save this, protect that, endangered this, extinct that.


Looking at all that “nature” out there, I was sure the media was creating a storm in a teacup, and the world was perfectly safe.

An inner calling lured me into that natural wilderness. Over time, and countless excursions, I learned that the wilderness was not as pristine as I had so ignorantly thought.


I will never forget the moment when, after travelling for several days into remote bushland, I came across a catchment in a small stream. A catchment of car tyres, plastic bottles, and everything else that the rains had washed down over the years. My joy of being alone in nature was shattered in an instant.


One of the saddest bush skills I’ve ever had to learn was where to collect drinking water. If “man” resided above the flowing stream, it was best not to drink from there.

I began to realize that what we are doing in our everyday lives has a huge impact on everything around us. No longer can we just sweep things under the carpet.


My attitude changed. My lifestyle changed. I learnt we needed to live harmoniously with mother earth, just as our ancestors have done.

Now I take others into these areas, and I am able to share, show and educate (in my own subtle way). We are not separate from nature.

It is possible to make a difference.


  • James Murphy

    I love that photograph at the top of this article. Thanks for sharing it and your experiences with us. James